Memory Hybrid Single | Mattress 02 Hybrid Single





Key Features
Graphite-infused foam that keeps you cool
2000 micro springs for ultimate comfort
Arrives rolled up
Dry-clean friendly zipped cover

Good sleep is the foundation for good health, so making sure you’ve got a suitable, comfortable mattress should be top of your list. Mattress 02 hybrid is made for those who prefer a softer to medium feel, for that little extra give. Enjoy a combination of squishy memory foam, micro springs and regular springs for a truly restful night’s sleep.

Indulge in the combination of cooling properties from graphite-infused foam, and the supportive comfy bounce of 2000 micro springs, each and every night. Mattress 02 comes rolled up and in a box, so no matter the size you’re after, you can be confident it’ll always fit through even the tightest of entranceways.

Moving house or changing bedrooms is made easy with fabric handles on either side of the mattress. If you need to freshen it up, you’ll find a handy washable cover that simply zips on and off. Nice one. Dimensions

Height: 24cm

Width: 90cm

Length: 190cm

Care instructionsYour mattress takes care of you whilst you sleep, so make sure you show it the same love back. Our mattresses work best one side up, so instead of flipping, we recommend rotating your mattress every few months to ensure even wear throughout its lifetime. To freshen up your mattress, simply unzip the included cover to take to your dry cleaner. For hygiene reasons, it’s best to replace your mattress every 8 years. Micro-spring technology
Say goodbye to the days of uncomfortable traditional springs. With an amazing 2000 micro-springs and 1000 additional springs in the Mattress 02, your body is better supported than ever before. Comfort? Guaranteed.


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