Antique White Window Mirror H130 x W95cm





This large, white window mirror has a light antique texture finish to the frame, giving it a slightly distressed appearance.
Large window mirrors are a fantastic way to bring the outdoors inside. Used at the end of a hallway, they can help to pull light into the room, often immitating an actual window. This can help brighten a space, making it appear more airy and larger than it is. Modern designers are using window mirrors to create focal points and often put more than one of these mirrors in the same space to create an impact on the room.
Window mirrors work really well in resesses, such as either side of a fireplace. They create a nautical feel in bathrooms and bring gardens into the home when reflecting from conservatories, kitchens, sun rooms and verandas.
Crafted expertly using only the finest material this white window mirror will last for many years. The majority of our mirrors are supplied with a wall bracket.
Height: 130cm
Width: 95cm
Depth: 4.5cm
Wall Mirror
This product is also known as the Costner
Delivery can range from 24 Hours to 28 working days depending on current stock levels and delivery schedules. We aim to deliver mirrors to our customers as quickly as possible and pride ourselves in getting all of our mirrors to our customers in pristine condition.


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